Predict what your shoppers want and turn them into loyal customers.

Koob uses advanced machine learning to understand what visitors on your website are looking for. This allows real-time personalisation of their shopping experience to convert them into happy, returning customers.

Boost your conversion with Amazon-like features

Fed up of spending money to drive traffic to your website but end up with low conversion rates? The Koob plugin is packed with Amazon-like features which are guaranteed to increase revenue by up to 30%!

Dynamic Pricing lets you set your prices to automatically go up or down based on demand for your products to maximize your profits:

  • You are always in control of your prices
  • We predict your sales based on demand, competitor prices, season and many more factors.
  • Your product prices are automatically adjusted to increase conversions and profits.
  • Add your own rules to discount any products whenever you want

Smart Search makes it a lot easier for your visitors to find what they are looking for from the search box:

  • Real-time search-as-you type suggestions.
  • Self-Learning to show top searches and promote specific products.
  • Includes synonyms and corrects typos..

Product Recommendations guide shoppers in finding the best offers and products to match their needs based on other customers’ behaviours:

  • Featured products
  • Other users also viewed these products
  • Frequently bought together products
  • Add your own rules to feature and boost any products

Advanced Analytics Dashboards which provide deep insights about your store:

  • Store overview (Number of visitors, Sales, Profits, % increase/decrease)
  • Top Search Terms by customers
  • Top Product recommendations and conversions
  • Sales forecast
  • Tips and Insights e.g. what products to promote, how much discount to offer.

Connect To Your Existing eCommerce Store

No coding required. Fully automated & mobile responsive.

Our plug-in can be installed to the most popular e-Commerce platforms within minutes and we can even connect to bespoke sites using our APIs.

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