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Koob Self-Learning Search+ For Magento makes it easier for your visitors to find and buy what they are looking for. Our advanced search learns what people want on your site to boost your sales by up to 30%. You also get instant access to Google Enhanced eCommerce tracking with its deep analytics insights and recommendations.

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Koob Self Learning Search+ For Magento Overview:

Your customers will thank you for installing the Koob Self Learning Search+. They will be able to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for from the search box. Watch your conversions increase by up to 30% with this simple to install, self-learning and extremely effective extension. You will also get free access to Google Enhanced eCommerce tracking to give you deep insights about your products and recommendations to improve sales.



  • FREE 60 day trial with no strings attached.
  • Real-time search-as-you type suggestions, categories, and products.
  • Self-Learning based on user search logs
  • Displays discounted products and % discounts in the search results
  • Includes synonyms and corrects typos
  • 100% secure with Amazon Web Services hosting and security
  • Search Analytics and insights to boost your conversions and optimize SEO
  • Mobile Responsive Design
  • Simple and intuitive setup process


Free 60 trial (limited time only), installation and no credit card required

We are the only search extension company which is currently offering a 60 day free trial with free installation and no contract or credit card required. As a new company offering unique and affordable predictive analytics extensions, we want you to experience the benefits for yourself before deciding whether you want to move to our paid plans. At the end of your trial period, we will send you a FREE analytics report to illustrate the benefits and impact that the extension had in your store.


Self-learning search technology

One of the main reasons we decided to develop a self-learning search extension for Magento is because we were very frustrated with the default one. If you’re reading this you probably also agree that it’s not intuitive and does not provide the search results that a customer would expect when browsing a modern e-commerce store.

Our search extension not only provides recommended products, categories and offers but it is continuously learning how visitors are using the search box so that it can improve the results and start suggesting search queries from other visitors. Thus, saving your visitors a lot of time and making it super convenient to find what they want!

From the first few characters your visitor types, the extension automatically starts searching and displaying suggestions based on indexed products as well as search logs to provide rich, insightful and intuitive suggestions.


Search insights & Analytics

Our self-learning search+ extension includes free Google Enhanced E-commerce tracking store integration while some extension providers charge over $100 for this functionality.  This includes:

  •  Detailed stats on search performance e.g. most searched keywords, products, categories, conversions etc. to help improve their description, inventory, and sales generating keywords for SEO.
  • Deep insights into product page views, adding and removing products from shopping carts, initiated, abandoned, and completed transactions.
  • Gain unique visibility of what customers are looking for and what they are not able to find. You will be able to understand the whole user journey from the moment they come to your website to the moment they make or purchase or leave.


Mobile Responsive

Koob’s extension is designed to be fully mobile responsive and works perfectly for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Its unique design automatically adapts to your store’s CSS without having any impact on the performance of your store as it’s all completely cloud hosted.


Seamless Search Integration with Your Magento Store

Unlike a lot of other search extensions out there, it takes only a few minutes to install the Koob extension. We’ve kept it simple on purpose to allow any store owner to gain the benefits of having a search auto-complete without having to do hire a technical person to do the installation. No coding required or maintenance required.

We’re happy to arrange a quick call at your convenience to install the extension for you completely FREE of charge to make sure everything is working perfectly.


Synonyms & Typos (coming soon)

Our self-learning search extension can learn synonyms and common typos (words which have been misspelled or entered in a hurry) to provide the correct recommendations to the customer in order to find exactly what they are looking for.

Stop words (which should not be used during the search process) are also included by default and this can be improved by importing your own list where required.


Add to Cart button in the search window (coming soon)

We will soon be adding the option to have an ‘Add to Cart’ button right in the autocomplete window to provide customers with the fast and easy way of making purchases with just one click.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    seorn (verified owner)

    My developer suggested me to use Koob Search instead of default Magento one, I let him set up. It’s working absolutely fine, also got positive feedbacks from my customers. Thanks a lot, team Koob.

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